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Apr 29, 2011

postheadericon 7 Random Facts

So I kinda got nominated along with 14 other bloggers over at The Midnight Ballroom for a Versatile Blog... Thing. Anyway, the recipiant of this has to write 7 random facts about themselves, and that's what I'll do! Thanks for tagging me DuskRose!

1. I love BJDs. I could sit and stare at my babies for hours to end and make clothes for them without taking a break! They're so beautiful and their eyes are so full of life it's almost scary.

2. Cosplay is a very huge part of my life and one of the main reasons I socialize with others at all.

3. I'm afraid of the dark. I hate going home from school when it's dark outside and I don't like to open my eyes if I wake up in the middle of the night. Still I love it and find it very fascinating.

4. I tend to love things that scare me... *pokes thunderstorms, BJDs, good horror stories, monsters, clowns, the dark, mirrors (god the mirrors!! .. <3)*

5. I love too many clothing styles to keep with just one. My top favorites are lolita (of course), goth and steampunk and even if I love these I also love to mix and match looks and styles and experiment. Both for the better and for the worse.

6. When I eat I need to eat EVERYTHING on the plate. Down to the last drop of sauce. I constantly get comments on this from both family and friends, but if I don't scrape the plate I feel... weird afterwards. *thinks*

7. I hate open closets/cupboards/drawers. Not because I find it creepy, but because it looks terrible! They're supposed to be closed when you're not looking for anything in them!

Not very interesting facts, but facts at least! *chuckles* Anyway. I don't know who to nominate at all... But just to make it simple I will give it to my good friend Swofter! Have fun, hun!


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