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Aug 15, 2011

postheadericon Fishing for ideas and Day 10!

Now I'm finally back in my dorm. The friday was spent to drive here and the saturday was spent to clean and tidy my dorm room to beyond recognition. I might have had many bad thoughts about this room, but now that it's finally completely clean again I can see the potential of a perfectly me-i-fied room. So do look out for som home décor DIY over the coming months!

But that's not what I was going to talk about right now. While we cleaned up I got a better look of what's stuffed in my left-over-fabric box, and truth be told... There is a LOT there. But so far I have only found two pieces I would really like to make something of, but I have no idea WHAT. So therefor I am asking my dear readers... Do you have any good ideas for what I can make out of 200cm x 60cm tartan fabric and 300cm x 150cm plain white cotton fabric?

The tartan fabric I bought right after I got my sewing machine a couple of years ago, to start practicing sowing skirts and the likes. I think I bought some extra when I made a skirt for my friend too, so it might be from that batch. But anyway! I've already made 2 or 3 skirts out of this fabric, so I thought of perhaps making some bloomers or a bag. But none of these ideas really hit me as inspirational, so I would love to get some other suggestions.

As for the white fabric I originally bought a year ago to make a shirt out of. But feeling it now and looking at it, I would never wear a shirt with that thick fabric. Once again I thought of bloomers, or perhaps a PJ set with black lace to contrast, but I'm not sure if I have enough... Suggestions?

I'll soon also make a post on everything I plan to do with my room as soon as I get the funds for it. Only a week left until I get my first student loan of the year!

What's in your bag?

This is best described with a picture.

The bag I use now is my Innocent World spade bag. This is the first brand item I bought, so it's very very dear to me. And just to make it a little more special I put a keyring with card suit charms on the zipper. As for the contents... Mobile, used cinema tickets to the last Harry Potter movie (pure epicness of a movie), some ear rings, necklace, a marble and some gum. Yupp. That's my bag at the moment.

And just to round it all up, here's a picture of my room at the moment. Just to keep as a reminder to myself of how tidy it can be if I just work for it! ... Ah... So much potential... I can't wait to DIY this place to heaven and back!

Aug 10, 2011

postheadericon Day 9!

10 things you will never do in lolita.

Getting back to the meme too! I surely have a lot to catch up on, but don't worry, I won't spam you. I'll just take these as I feel like it. As for this post I'll make it simple.

  1. Attend a funeral
    Wedding, sure, but a funeral... No. I would never wear lolita to a funeral. I find it a little disrespectful and the others attending might see it as mockery despite it being gothic lolita.
  2. Physical training
    It says itself doesn't it?
  3. Puddle splashing
    You know when you get your rainboots on and go jump in rain puddles? Yes, I still find that fun, but I don't want to make my dresses wet and dirty because of that.
  4. Go to a tivoli
    The poof skirt would only get in the way through all of the rides! I could go in kodona (pants <3), but not in lolita.
  5. Gardening
    I'm not a gardener, I hardly do any gardening at all, but I still wouldn't do it in lolita if I ever were to do it.
  6. Take art classes
    All the clay and paint and woodwork... Painting I'd might do but I would be extra careful not to spill the paint.
And... Now I honestly can't think of more. Of course there is a lot I wouldn't do in general, but when it comes to somewhat daily things I would do, but not in lolita, I can't think of more. I guess I will update this if I think of more.


postheadericon Getting back into it

Summer vacation is coming to an end. And to think I thought I would get more time to blogging during that then I would during the school year! What a humongous lie...

Well... Truth is, I haven't been very inspired to blog at all. Simply because I had to leave all my lolita clothes and sewing machine back in my dorm, thanks to some complications on getting home. But good news people (assuming you who read this enjoy my blog)! Over the last week I've slowly been getting back into the routine checks of sew_loli, EGL and blogs. In other words, I thought it was about bloody time to do something about this absence of mine.

As I decided to do this on a whim I don't have that much to say. But as I did some window shopping on Etsy earlier, I thought I would share with you two absolutely wonderful shops I found. So let's get on with this as I keep enjoying The Empire Strikes Back on TV.

The first one I would like to share is RTBU (Refuse To Be Usual). This is for all of you who enjoy visual kei style and gothic accesories. I have to admit that a lot I have seen here is very unique, and for me who love to have a lot of charms dangling around (and also lack jewelry and accesories like this), this shop is right down my alley.

I will definatly order some pieces from this shop when I have money, and when I do I will do a small review.

The second shop is for all of you top hat enthusiasts. Personally I have an almost unhealthy fascination with top hats (we need more top hats in lolita!). So when I stumbled over Gypsy Lady Hats I thought I saw a little piece of Heaven before me. Here you can get top hats (and mini top hats!) custom made to your own size and some even in your preferred colours and styles. And best of all... In reasonable prices! ... Yes. I do, in fact, think 140$ for a full sized, custom, handmade tophat with such details is a reasonable price. I mean... Just look at these beauties!

I think about ALL of their hats has made it to my wishlist by now! So take a look if you feel like it, and I'll be getting back to you all soon! ... Perhaps I'll even be able to continue on the 30 day meme? Hmhmhm. One day at the time I think.

Oh and one last thing... Where did all the new followers come from? A great, big, happy "Hi and welcome!" to all of you who just stumbled over my little corner of the web, and I hope you all will keep on reading despite my long absense.