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Jan 25, 2011

postheadericon BJD JSK

Haha! For anyone not knowing what on earth the title is shortened for it can be pretty cryptic, can't it? But I guess most of you know what I'm talking about. Ball joint dolls and jumperskirts! Yes, I am a sucker for BJDs. First time I saw one was a white haired one dressed in a blue lolita dress that was being carried around by a gothic lolita on my very first anime convention. It freaked the hell out of me, and I vowed to myself never to let one of those dolls into my room. Well... That went well, concidering I now have two of my own! Not that I regret it though... Not. At. All. I love them both to pieces and wouldn't trade them for the world! Not only because they're awesome, but because they both were a gift from my best friend.

Say hello to Ebi and Clovis! Ebi is the little shrimp and Clovis is the redhead. Oh how I love them. As soon as I get some fixating spray, I'll do a face up and body make up for Ebi and I'll also make a kodona outfit for my dear Clovis as soon as I can!

But this post wasn't really made to show of my BJDs... It was more to show of my best friend's BJD. When she was at my place last summer she brought her doll Ana with her, and even though her doll is a boy, I just couldn't help myself. So I made a small JSK for him! I found this picture in my dA gallery, and felt the need to post it again. Hehe...

As if the poor little guy didn't look enough like a girl already, I had to make it worse for him. Oh well. Now I'm heading of to start on the skull dress I mentioned some few posts ago! Wish me luck! *snuggles all the pretty fabric that's lying spread over her table*

Jan 23, 2011

postheadericon Alice and the Pirates Black Cat's Dance Series

UPDATE: Got this link from EGL: http://www.babyssb.co.jp/reserve/kuroneko-no-dance/index.html

If only I was sure if I had the money or not for this when it was released... No matter what I will fight to get it! Especially when the JSK actually would fit me! =D /UPDATE

I think I just, for the first time ever, seriously fell in love with a print from Alice and the Pirates. Sure I do love a lot of their prints and they have a lot of wonderful items (they are my second fave brand after all), but when I saw their Black Cat's Dance (no idea if it's the right name (kuroneko no dance.. Black cat's dance. Most logical.) print I fell hard. This must be the first time I feel I really NEED something from a lolita brand. I mean... This features french horns, piano, violins, trumpets and flutes. Piano, french horn and violin are three of my five favorite instruments (where drums and banjo are the two other on that list) so of COURSE this made me squeal! My room mate gave me a little weird look as I really only was going to show her the shop and some items I liked...

I saw the print as the background image on the Alice and the Pirates webshop, but didn't see any items with the print, so I checked out the blogs on their page instead. What I found seriously made my day (and made me reconsider what to spend next months allowance on).

It looks like the print will be available in three colourways (burgundy, black and dark green) and they will also sell violin purses and necklaces to go with it!
Soooo so pretty!! *fallen hard* No matter what, this is what I found from my little research. It doesn't look like they have any JSKs or OPs up for sale yet, but I'll pray that they will show up sooner or later as I personally am a sucker for JSKs. If anyone has any more info on when this print will hit the webshop or so on, please feel free to inform me! Here's the print from the background on the webshop! SO beautiful!

Let's hope the other items also will be awesome!
Jan 19, 2011

postheadericon New layout!

Hello, everyone! Wow, this place suddenly changed a lot, didn't it? Not that I mind... As I wasn't particularly fond of the old layout anyway. I sat down today to simply make a me a fitting header for this blog, but as the maincolours for the header ended up in black and red and it wouldn't work with the current layout... I decided to revamp the whole thing! And I LOVE the result. This is so much nicer then what the blog looked like before.

As for the banner. The skulls and the rose is actually a very small part of a print I'm currently working on. I named it "Eternal Life" and aside from the skulls and rose it will also feature ankhs (the egyptian hyeroglyphe for eternal life) and realistic human hearts. The whole print will have a little sketchy line (like the skulls and the rose), and as for colours I am not quite sure if I should only use splashes of red on the hearts and roses or if I should do a full colour print. I'll see where it leads me.

No matter what I have also changed the buttons on the menu bar. Some of you might wonder what the hell Autumn Children is, but I'll break it to you and say that it's the name of my imaginary brand. I don't really remember why it ended up as Autumn Children, but it had something to do with that I am born in the autumn and it is my favorite season. Other then that I have also added a list of the lolita blogs I'm following. They're all awesome so take a look at the list to the left and click some of them if you haven't already! I have also installed a new comment system from disqus.com as I mentioned in my last post.

So all that is needed now are some interesting posts to complete my little corner of the web! Hehe... Anyway!

As a last sidenote the money I was transferring to my paypal came in much sooner then I thought, so I have now bought the Checkered Cherubim bonnet from Ophanim Gothique. I can't wait to receive it!!

Jan 18, 2011

postheadericon Checkered Rose

For a good while now I have been drooling over a certain bonnet from Ophanim Gothique on Etsy. Now, I'm about as far from a bonnet person as one can get, and I really never cared about bonnets (honestly I have always thought they were way too much in an outfit and there are very few who actually look good in bonnets). But when I saw the selection from Ophanim I felt a small soft spot in my heart. Carolyn's bonnets look so beautiful and well made, and when I saw the one I will picture below, I fell hard.

It screams to me! It says "BUY MEEE!! I'm awesome!!" and I can no longer ignore these cries, as I drop by to stare at it almost every time I get on the net. So I have now decided to get it... If it's gone when I get the money to my paypal in a few days, I will ask her how much a commission would cost me. But while waiting I decided to put together a little dream coord with this bonnet as a starting point. So here goes!

I do actually find this coord a little funny since all of the main items are on my wishlist of lolita purchases! Both the blouse and JSK is from Innocent World and their both beautiful. The tights are from Sock Dreams and those I actually bought today, so hopefully they'll be with me soon! As for the shoes... An*tai*na. When I first saw these I thought they were so darn ugly... And I have never liked rocking horse shoes either. But after a while these have really grown on me and now they are about in the same situation as the bonnet. So those will also be ordered as soon as the money reach my paypal!

As for the roses... Since the bonnet features red roses, I think that accesories featuring red roses would be absolutely stunning. But I couldn't really find anything on Etsy to my liking. So sometime soon I will pick together some supplies, thread, needle and hot glue gun and make me some accesories myself! Like a corsage pin and a wrist corsage with red roses and a necklace! I hope I will be able to get the JSK and blouse too, as it all looks wonderful in my head!

So what do you guys think? Do you have any dream coords or items you really love?

By the way, I have installed a new comment system here, so now I can reply to the comments I get! =D I have really missed that!

Jan 17, 2011

postheadericon Skulls

Oh what a great title for a post that is. Skulls. Mmmhm. Yes, I'm talking about human skulls. But that is simply because I do have an unhealthy love for about anything that includes a somewhat realistic rendition of a human skull. Then especially fancy fabrics!

I, as so many other lolitas, dream of to one day be the manager of my own brand. To design and sew my own clothes. But as my sowing skills aren't the best in the world, and I most definatly wouldn't be able to handle the stress of it, I have changed the dream to simply making good quality items for myself. If there is one thing I dream of having, then it is a black and white lolita wardrobe filled up with JSKs and skirts in interesting designs and featuring skullprints. I love it so much that if I even would end up making my own brand I would have an own line for guro inspired prints! Like realistic hearts as opposed to the typical sweetheart prints, skulls, blood and macabre themes, all incorperated on classic style dresses for a more mature cut and simply for the contrast against the typical floral prints. But so long this is simply a dream. Maybe I'm lucky and I can make it real someday. Who knows?

No matter what. For the moment and the near future I will simply focus on my own wardrobe. Even though I only have one lolita piece with skulls on so far, I am sure there will be a lot more in the future! The skirt mentioned is this:

I truly LOVE this skirt. It is without doubt the most succesful skirt I have made. It is very simple, and in the beginning I didn't quite like that. But as I have now have had it for a while it has begun to grow on me and I realize that If I had done too much with this, the print and the design would have become too much! Therefor I will leave it as it is. The fabric features both skulls, crosses and swords and I found it on eBay and I fell head-over-heals in love with it the first time I saw it. So I went ahead and bought six yards at once! Which means that I still have a lot left of it, and I do know very well what I plan to do with it.

This is my own drawing and design, so for the love of God, please don't steal!
This dress does have a very classic style and it's only the fabric that will give it away as something not so conventional. The main dress will be the overdress of the skull fabric (which for the record is white and veeeery dark navy blue, almost impossible to see the difference between that and black). Then a black ruffled underskirt will be worn under to complete it. The black bow will be detacheable and a white cameo with a black skull on it will be attached to the middle of the bow (YES I love skulls!). As for the back I was thinking shirring, since I'm still loosing weight, and I want it to still fit after a while. Hehe.

In the near future I will sit down and start to sketch out some fabric ideas as I would really love to get more into sewing and designing (and drawing for that matter!), so I will most probably post some designs and progress shots now and then! That was all for now!

Jan 16, 2011

postheadericon Design tutorial...

But not MY tutorial however. God forbid, no. If I ever were to try my hands on a tutorial... It would be annoying both for myself and the one trying to understand it, useless and no one would be interested since it wouldn't be a relevant tutorial anyway! Besides, I have nothing to teach. But if I ever should make a tutorial, it would be a "How to find tutorials on the internet on the exact thing you're trying to learn"-tutorial. Because THAT I rock with.

No matter what I was browsing around the internet after tutorials on how to make tiled patterns! Simply because I'm interested in designing some fabrics for some dresses I want to make sometime. But sure... Anyone can make a square, stuff a diamond in it and tile it to make a pattern. But I wanted to know how to make perfectly tiled, complex and detailed patterns. I have been dying to know for LONG! But lucky me! 'Cause lookie what I found:

How to make a repeat pattern

It turned out it wasn't so hard to make a tiled pattern after all... Yeay for good tutorials! I'm gonna go to sleep happily now. Good night!
Jan 15, 2011

postheadericon LondonsGate review

So... I posted this review on my LJ a very good while ago, but I thought I might as well post it here too since I'm so happy with the purchase!

So a while ago I received a package from the Etsy store LondonsGate! I was so excited when I saw it in my mail box, which is pretty weird since I usually don't get that excited over just a small thing. What I bought from them was a handcrafted necklace. Since it's not too long ago I started to get seriously into lolita, I also realized it was about time for me to invest in some jewelry too. After all, a proper coordinate is nothing without jewelries and proper accesories.

As I recently discovered I have a weakness for black roses, I immidiatly fell for this necklace when I saw it. It cost me 34USD, shipping included and it was most definatly worth it too! It was shipped right after the weekend I bought it, and it arrived two weeks later. I didn't have any issues to sort out with the seller so the communication was minimal. This doesn't bother me though. Usually a silent transaction is a pleasant transaction to me.

It arrived in a paper envelope that was filled with styrofoam pellets. Inside was a little white box wrapped in bubblewrap to make sure the necklace wouldn't receive any damage from the trip from England to Norway. The box was tied up with a pretty little bow, and added with was their business card. As I noticed when I turned it, they had also hand written a little thank you note to me on the back of it. Such small things always make me happy! 

I opened the box and saw the necklace in its full glory. It's even more beautiful in real life then it is on the screen, and the quality is... Awesome. To use the word in its right sense. I can't wait to receive a proper blouse so I can coordinate this into an outfit. Luckily for me, though, I already have two sets of matching earrings! 

Overall, I would just like to say that if all of LondonsGate's items are as wonderful and have as good quality as this... I will definatly buy from them again! Their items are absolutely gorgeous!


A little headshot of me (yeay! Bathroom shot!) with the necklace, a set of earrings and a black rose headdress from Innocent World. I love it all! Blouse is from F+F if anyone wonder, but I have stopped using it since I have become a little too iffy about the lace and sleeves. They're bellshaped, and not very practical in everyday life. Besides, I think it's too big now as I haven't worn it since I took this picture... Which was in September.

Anyway. Toodles!
Jan 14, 2011

postheadericon Daily Outfit 14/01/2011

It's been such a long while since I last dressed up in lolita, so I thought I would dress up today. It was just for a trip to the store, but it is an excuse non-the-less! It felt good to get back into the clothes since I usually can't dress like this for school thanks to all the practical work we do (clay, paint, wood-work etc. Messes up the clothes badly, so no way I'm risking them for those school days!). So here goes!

It's a rather simple coord as I only headed down to the store, but it still felt very good to dress up again.

Blouse: Surface Spell
Skirt: Dream of Lolita
Headdress: Innocent World
Clock necklace: Glitter
Card necklace: Fanplusfriend
Tights: H&M
Socks: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Boots: Chilli
Coat: Vodabox (shown below)

The skirt is a Putumayo replica, and I'm sure most of you have seen this replica way too many times before. But it's still so incredibly beautiful! Both the blouse and the skirt I got custom made through Qutieland. I can't believe how long they take to get things done, but I still can't help but to like them anyway. Weird that... Oh well! Here's a shot with the coat as it's still winter and kinda cold outside.

I really need to get something done with my poor ruined hair... ANYWAY! The coat is from Vodabox and I bought it this winter when I visited my best friend in Stockholm after Christmas! I bought it in a Cyber/Rave store named Saturn Return, and I absolutely LOVE it. Both the coat and the store. The coat is very warm and it fits any outfit I wear, whether it be lolita or not!

And just some closeups of the necklaces and headdress. By the way, it's very interesting to wear lolita around here, as there are as good as none alternative dressing people around here. Heh.

Even if I'm not able to dress up too often, I still love it when I do! What about the rest of you? Do you dress in lolita often, or do you only get the opportunity once in a while or for special events?

Toodles! Hope you enjoyed!
Jan 13, 2011

postheadericon That was a failed start

Very too. Perhaps I should just post things as I feel like it. I think that will be best. If I manage to get into a pattern with blogging, I'll perhaps get started with some other things. Like the Random Box that came off to a very bad start. Oh well. That's life. A lot has happened through Christmas so I really didn't get time to as much as I thought I would.

Though over to something more relevant. I was browsing through the wardrobe posts on EGL last night (people can say what they want, but I truly do enjoy seeing what other people have of lolita stuff. It's inspiring!). I ran over a print I wanted to see more of, so I headed over to Hellolace.net to look for it (ran over the AatP Circus Print in the same go.. LOVE!!). But when I looked at Baby's dresses from 2010 I saw a print that looked very... VERY familiar. So I jumped over to CDjapan.co.jp and looked at the dresses from Moitié and... Well, I just thought this was funny.

I know it's happened before, but this is the most extreme case I've seen. XP Oh well! See yah guys soon!