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Jan 23, 2011

postheadericon Alice and the Pirates Black Cat's Dance Series

UPDATE: Got this link from EGL: http://www.babyssb.co.jp/reserve/kuroneko-no-dance/index.html

If only I was sure if I had the money or not for this when it was released... No matter what I will fight to get it! Especially when the JSK actually would fit me! =D /UPDATE

I think I just, for the first time ever, seriously fell in love with a print from Alice and the Pirates. Sure I do love a lot of their prints and they have a lot of wonderful items (they are my second fave brand after all), but when I saw their Black Cat's Dance (no idea if it's the right name (kuroneko no dance.. Black cat's dance. Most logical.) print I fell hard. This must be the first time I feel I really NEED something from a lolita brand. I mean... This features french horns, piano, violins, trumpets and flutes. Piano, french horn and violin are three of my five favorite instruments (where drums and banjo are the two other on that list) so of COURSE this made me squeal! My room mate gave me a little weird look as I really only was going to show her the shop and some items I liked...

I saw the print as the background image on the Alice and the Pirates webshop, but didn't see any items with the print, so I checked out the blogs on their page instead. What I found seriously made my day (and made me reconsider what to spend next months allowance on).

It looks like the print will be available in three colourways (burgundy, black and dark green) and they will also sell violin purses and necklaces to go with it!
Soooo so pretty!! *fallen hard* No matter what, this is what I found from my little research. It doesn't look like they have any JSKs or OPs up for sale yet, but I'll pray that they will show up sooner or later as I personally am a sucker for JSKs. If anyone has any more info on when this print will hit the webshop or so on, please feel free to inform me! Here's the print from the background on the webshop! SO beautiful!

Let's hope the other items also will be awesome!

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