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Jan 16, 2011

postheadericon Design tutorial...

But not MY tutorial however. God forbid, no. If I ever were to try my hands on a tutorial... It would be annoying both for myself and the one trying to understand it, useless and no one would be interested since it wouldn't be a relevant tutorial anyway! Besides, I have nothing to teach. But if I ever should make a tutorial, it would be a "How to find tutorials on the internet on the exact thing you're trying to learn"-tutorial. Because THAT I rock with.

No matter what I was browsing around the internet after tutorials on how to make tiled patterns! Simply because I'm interested in designing some fabrics for some dresses I want to make sometime. But sure... Anyone can make a square, stuff a diamond in it and tile it to make a pattern. But I wanted to know how to make perfectly tiled, complex and detailed patterns. I have been dying to know for LONG! But lucky me! 'Cause lookie what I found:

How to make a repeat pattern

It turned out it wasn't so hard to make a tiled pattern after all... Yeay for good tutorials! I'm gonna go to sleep happily now. Good night!

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