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Jan 17, 2011

postheadericon Skulls

Oh what a great title for a post that is. Skulls. Mmmhm. Yes, I'm talking about human skulls. But that is simply because I do have an unhealthy love for about anything that includes a somewhat realistic rendition of a human skull. Then especially fancy fabrics!

I, as so many other lolitas, dream of to one day be the manager of my own brand. To design and sew my own clothes. But as my sowing skills aren't the best in the world, and I most definatly wouldn't be able to handle the stress of it, I have changed the dream to simply making good quality items for myself. If there is one thing I dream of having, then it is a black and white lolita wardrobe filled up with JSKs and skirts in interesting designs and featuring skullprints. I love it so much that if I even would end up making my own brand I would have an own line for guro inspired prints! Like realistic hearts as opposed to the typical sweetheart prints, skulls, blood and macabre themes, all incorperated on classic style dresses for a more mature cut and simply for the contrast against the typical floral prints. But so long this is simply a dream. Maybe I'm lucky and I can make it real someday. Who knows?

No matter what. For the moment and the near future I will simply focus on my own wardrobe. Even though I only have one lolita piece with skulls on so far, I am sure there will be a lot more in the future! The skirt mentioned is this:

I truly LOVE this skirt. It is without doubt the most succesful skirt I have made. It is very simple, and in the beginning I didn't quite like that. But as I have now have had it for a while it has begun to grow on me and I realize that If I had done too much with this, the print and the design would have become too much! Therefor I will leave it as it is. The fabric features both skulls, crosses and swords and I found it on eBay and I fell head-over-heals in love with it the first time I saw it. So I went ahead and bought six yards at once! Which means that I still have a lot left of it, and I do know very well what I plan to do with it.

This is my own drawing and design, so for the love of God, please don't steal!
This dress does have a very classic style and it's only the fabric that will give it away as something not so conventional. The main dress will be the overdress of the skull fabric (which for the record is white and veeeery dark navy blue, almost impossible to see the difference between that and black). Then a black ruffled underskirt will be worn under to complete it. The black bow will be detacheable and a white cameo with a black skull on it will be attached to the middle of the bow (YES I love skulls!). As for the back I was thinking shirring, since I'm still loosing weight, and I want it to still fit after a while. Hehe.

In the near future I will sit down and start to sketch out some fabric ideas as I would really love to get more into sewing and designing (and drawing for that matter!), so I will most probably post some designs and progress shots now and then! That was all for now!


3 squeaks:

DuskRose_Dreaming said...

That's awesome fabric and a gorgeous dress design! I guess Classic and skulls fit better than one might realize, if you consider that the phrase "momento mori" ("remember death") was quite common/popular in the Victorian era (if I've got all my facts straight). I think "Me
monto mori" was often accompanied or denoted by skull imagery, (though I could be completely wrong), so there you go.

I'd encourage you to not give up on your goal of creating a brand quite yet! But it's a great idea to focus on your own wardrobe in the meantime. I'd like to start a brand as well someday, but I'm doing the same thing (fleshing out my own wardrobe first) so that I can build experience and confidence over the next year or so.

DuskRose_Dreaming said...

Oops. It should be "memento mori" the second time, not "me monto mori". >_< Also, I hope I didn't come off as obnoxious or "info dump". ^^' I just got excited. heh

Swofter said...

IIII! If you do create your own brand, I'd love a skirt with real hearts and blood. Yummy!