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Jan 13, 2011

postheadericon That was a failed start

Very too. Perhaps I should just post things as I feel like it. I think that will be best. If I manage to get into a pattern with blogging, I'll perhaps get started with some other things. Like the Random Box that came off to a very bad start. Oh well. That's life. A lot has happened through Christmas so I really didn't get time to as much as I thought I would.

Though over to something more relevant. I was browsing through the wardrobe posts on EGL last night (people can say what they want, but I truly do enjoy seeing what other people have of lolita stuff. It's inspiring!). I ran over a print I wanted to see more of, so I headed over to Hellolace.net to look for it (ran over the AatP Circus Print in the same go.. LOVE!!). But when I looked at Baby's dresses from 2010 I saw a print that looked very... VERY familiar. So I jumped over to CDjapan.co.jp and looked at the dresses from Moitié and... Well, I just thought this was funny.

I know it's happened before, but this is the most extreme case I've seen. XP Oh well! See yah guys soon!


2 squeaks:

Caro-chan said...

I think that IW used this fabric too. Or maybe something very similar. It's really pretty fabric though, and I must admit I like the BtSSB dress a lot more XD

DuskRose_Dreaming said...

I love the Moitie version. But then I love the corset lacing style of bodice whenever I see it, so... XD

I don't have a posting schedule either. And I was very slow in posting for the first few months of blogging, so I think that's a good plan to just post when you feel like it. Blogging should be fun, after all!