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Dec 11, 2010

postheadericon Angelic Pretty and some other stuff...

Welcome to my little lolita blog!

In the URL it says "therandomlolita". But don't believe this. The full title is really "The Random Lolita Blog that suddenly popped up out of nowhere after a quick and seldom visit to Angelic Pretty's online store.", but it was a little too long to fit... So therefor I shortened it to "The Random Lolita", and since I actually liked the ring of that... Yupp. That's me. The Random Lolita.

No, not really. My real name is Evy Ann, but friends call me Sammy and my net-nick is Zerelixon or Zere all depending on where I am on the web. I'm a 20 year old girl from Norway who love to sing, play the piano, sew, draw, doing artsy stuff and watching horror movies and all that crap... Oh yeah, I love the lolita fashion too and I usually keep to Gothic Lolita myself! I do admit, though, that I don't own much of the clothing (even cheap clothes costs a lot for a student who live month to month on her student loan and has cosplay as a hobby on top of that), but I do own enough to dress up once in a while. And I do it as often as I can!

Recently I have fallen head over heals in love with the kodona style again, and I'm thinking of converting completely as it is so much more practical. Though that doesn't mean I will give up Lolita. There are so many pretty clothes out there so why not fight to own them all?

Anyway. The reason I suddenly got kicked into gear about finally making my own blog (again, yes I have tried many times before, but they've been way too formal so now I've decided to just do it my own way), was a certain dress from Angelic Pretty. *points to the left* Yes. That one.

I have to admit that I'm not really the biggest fan of AP. Sure, their dresses are cute... TOO cute. But that's my taste, and those who like to dress in their clothes do look adoreable even if I wouldn't wear most of it myself. THIS though. I do have a weak spot for card suits... I do have a very weak spot for dice and for everything gambling symbol related. Therefor, this thing hit me straight in the heart. Usually I prefer the black colourways of prints too, but in this case I fell head first for the red colourway. Just look at that beauty just screaming for me to pick up my wallet and go broke again just because of a spontainous shopping kick!

But I won't. Because I seriously don't have money, and it wouldn't fit me yet anyway. I say "yet" for a reason. Yes, I am a plus size lolita, and honestly I am all fine with that if I look away from all the brand dresses that don't fit. But I do have a cosplay friend (not only cosplay friend, she's my best friend in all times), and we made a deal last New Years Eve to stop eating candy for one and a half year (OMG, a non-candy eating lolita! .. *giggles* Stereotyping is fun) and do what we could to loose weight for the sake of cosplay. Luckily for me this also meant I would automatically loose weight for lolita too.

So back to the "yet" part. Long story made short; On New Years Eve last year I weighed 90kg, with a 100cm waist and 114 cm bust and hip. But NOW ladies and gentlemen! I am down to 75 kg, an 83cm waist, 98cm bust and 100 cm hip! That's 15 kg in a year without doing much more then to stop eating candy and dance a little more DDR then I used to! Hopefully this will also keep up after Christmas, so hopefully I will soon be able to fit into my favorite dresses from my favorite brands!

Well. This post turned out to be a lot about myself... But it's a first post, therefor an introduction post, so it's fully legal. I will have to see if I can do something about the blog layout later too.

Anyway! Question time;

Do you have a dress you currently drool over, but can't get? Why so?
Or do you have any future goals that you would like to share with the rest of the world?

That was all from me. May all have a good night!

3 squeaks:

Jasu said...

I love a lot of the Mary Magdalene OPs, but the waists on those dresses are 27inches >A< I'd have to diet a lot and wear a corset to even begin fitting into that!
Congratulations on doing so well with your weight loss~ I'm just a little heavier than you right now but after Christmas, I'm really going to kick start my diet and exercise!!

DuskRose_Dreaming said...

I really enjoyed reading your intro post! (Found you via EGL haha.) I'm a goth loli too, but my only (almost) AP weakness is Marionette Girl...so I get what you're saying. ;)
And hurrah for cosplay!

chadias said...

That is a seriously pretty dress *-*

I love Mary Magdalene dresses as well, but they don't fit me for an inch on the waist D':
since it's so little, I don't make a lot of effort to lose it >_<'
well, I cant afford them anyway...

and another piano playing lolita <3 yay!