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Feb 23, 2011

postheadericon Crafty corner

This has been a pretty boring day... Though since I didn't have anything to do in particular (except the daily exercise that's over and done with), I decided to be a bit crafty! I'm not really very crafty at all. I like to sew and draw, but when it comes to accessories and the like, I have no experience at all... But I had a lot of different small knick-knacks here and there so I decided to whip something up with what I had.

So I fancied up som plain black hairclips I had. Yes, this is nothing more then to attach small cabochons to clips with a hot glue gun, but at least it was fun! And it doesn't take more to make them a little more fancy. But I also decided to make something a little more "challenging".

It's a headdress made out of a rose and rooster feathers! I actually like this a lot. I still haven't found a proper way I can wear it, but that's something I can think of later. The music charms are from a necklace I bought from Etsy a while ago, but it was literally falling apart when I got it, so I decided to put the pretty charms to some use instead.

Anyway... Other then this I got a new blouse today. A black, shortsleeved Metamorphose blouse in chiffon with full shirring and a lot of lace that I bought off the EGL comm sales.It's simply beautiful and I can't wait for a little warmer weather so I can use it!

Feb 22, 2011

postheadericon Planning and acchieving

Hm, this will be harder to write then I first thought... It's weird that. Suddenly one feel one have an idea for a post, one start riding, but then one realize that one don't have that much to say about the matter anyway! So this will probably be a pretty short post. And it's actually not about anything strictly lolita related. It's about exercise. Yupp. You read right. Exercise. Don't mistake that for excorcise as I often do... The latter would be way more fun, though, wouldn't it?

Anyway! As most of you probably know, I'm in the middle of a personal weight loss program. Not that much because of lolita, but more for cosplay and also for the fact that I have realized how increadibly happy it makes me feel when I see results. But the last month I feel I haven't been that good at all. I've been incredibly lazy... But just now I stumbled over Ramble Rori's blog and her latest blogpost. She's also in the middle of a diet and she said she used FatSecret to monitor her calorie intake and what not. Personally I'm not of the kind who wish to count every calorie I eat. I had some girls in my class during junior high who was obsessed with calories to the point it was scary and I do not wish to become like that.

However! What other I found on this site was some weightloss challenges and challenges is something I like. And better yet; One don't have to become a member of any site to follow the challenges. All one has to do is to make a personal plan out from the challenges and keep the process to oneself and those one wish to share them with! What I have noticed from most of the challenges there is three simple things; Drink plenty of water, exercise every day (or 5 days a week) and take the occational long walk. It isn't harder then that.

So my current plan is;
  • Spend at least an hour on DDR (dancing pad!) every day
  • Do 50 crunches every day
  • Do 10 pushups 2 times a day
  • Take a long walk at least three times a week
  • Drink a lot of water every day.
I will be good to myself and do this and keep track of it. I will write down in my planner the days I will go for a walk and I will make sure to keep track of every excercise I do. Luckily for me I already have the water drinking part down as I don't drink anything else then water. As for the rest... Well, excuse me while I leave for today's walk!

What about the rest of you out there? Are there more lolitas here who wish to loose weight or become more fit? If so, do you have any plans on how to acchieve it? I'd love to hear!


P.S. I also stumbled over this community on LJ: Lolitas for Healthy Weightloss. It doesn't seem to be too active at the moment, but hopefully that will change once the challenges will start again!
Feb 19, 2011

postheadericon Why, Angelic Pretty...

WHY do you make me like things I shouldn't like?? ... *sighs* Well, now, I'm usually pretty open minded about a lot. I also do have the feeling that I know myself pretty darn well by now. But sometimes I surprise even myself.

I have never been a big fan of sweet lolita. Most of those who wear it do wear it well, but I definatly feel it's nothing for me to wear myself. All the pastels... All the sweet sweet prints that could make anyone barf rainbows and poop butterflies... The pink afros covered in bows and charms and stars dangling here and there... Sure it's cute! But not for me! But then suddenly I head to Angelic Pretty's homepage and these things hit me in the face.

Why, Angelic Pretty... WHY do you make me like things I never in my wildest dreams would have thought I would like?? I don't even know WHY I like these... But especially the dress... I almost feel I need this sometime. When I have reached my weightloss goal, this would be able to fit me perfectly... *sighs* Well, it doesn't hurt to have some sweet around for the days I feel like being a little more colourful.

Feb 14, 2011

postheadericon 10/7 Challenge: 1 and 2

So this took a while, but here is the first and second outfit of my 10 items/7 outfits challenge! So without further ado... Here we go!

Outfit #1: Items E, G and J!
Here I was trying out a pretty casual and comfortable outfit that could work well for days with school and just a quick trip out to town. I was pretty lucky with this JSK as it came with removable bows and bib which make it very easy to dress both up and down! The hat is an old hat of mine from H&M that I refuse to leave the house without when I'm not in lolita. Necklace and bracelet are both bought from Etsy stores and the tights are off brand.

Outfit #2: Items B, E and H!
A much more dolled up look, literally, and yes, that is my dance pad I'm standing on. It was the only free space in my room at the moment. This is actually a coord I have wanted to try since I first saw that bonnet in the Etsy shop, Ophanim Gothique. I posted a similiar dream coord a while ago too with a different blouse, dress and shoes. I am very happy to see that my coord will work when I try it out for real! I just need some more red roses to place here and there and some different shoes and I'm ready to go! I also used a poofier petticoat here to acchieve more of a doll look. And makeup!! OMG! First time since I started this blog! ... Anyway. Bonnet (which I definatly LOVE) is from Ophanim Gothique, tights are from Sock Dreams.

So that was my first two outfits in this challenge! Stay tuned for the rest! I'll keep posting them now and then.


postheadericon Daily Outfit 14/02/2011

Would you look at that? Seems like the 14th have become the standard day of the month to upload outfit pictures! Now, I do wear lolita more often then that, but there's no way I'm bothering to take a picture every time I wear it. Since I got my new items, I've been wearing it about every time I have left the house and that makes me so happy! Anyway. Onto the outfit!
Blouse: Surface Spell
Corset: FanPlusFriend
Skirt: Handmade by me
Tights: Offbrand
Boots: Chilli
Necklace: Alchemy Empire

Can you guys tell I love those boots? I feel I don't really wear anything else but them with my lolita! Anyway, this is an outfit I threw together on a whim before I had to go to school today and actually I'm quite pleased with it! Nice and simple for a day in school, and I got a lot of compliments on my skirt and that made me very happy! I do need a new waist cincer, though...I love the one I have, but I have it completely tied in, and still it's actually too big on me. The top half of it sits losely around my underbust and that makes the rest of it slip up and out of place! But next time I will get a proper corset. No matter how pretty the F+F one looks, it's definatly not the best of quality. You get what you pay for I guess.

Anyway, it's Valentines today! ... Usually I draw anti Valentines pictures for this day, but since this is my first Valentines actually having a boyfriend, I thought I perhaps should let it go this year even if he lives far away... Oh well!

Hope you all have a nice day!

Feb 9, 2011

postheadericon The walk and a talk about freedom

Today has been a long and very very boring day. I haven't had school and my best friend (in Stockholm) has been home sick, so the whole day have more or less passed with being lazy and talking and writing roleplays over MSN. Though after a good while we both came down with a pretty bad mood and she decided it was a good idea for us both to take a break and go take a walk. As the lazy person I am, I was against the idea at first, but after a little while I found my motivation to get up and away from the computer.

Instead of pulling on a jacket and a pair of sneakers I got properly dressed in full lolita attire, brought my camera with and decided to take a stroll through my town and see if I could snap some pictures. Even if I have stopped to realize it on regular days, the little town I study in is placed in a beautiful landscape. If any of you have heard of Norway's famous fjords (it is one of the nature phenomenom we pride ourself with), then there you have it. This little town is placed in the very end of one with mountains all around. The panorama image on the top I shot with my little digital camera from the town harbor.

One of the best places to see the beautiful scenery of the mountains is ironically enough from the school grounds. In winter, we usually end school just in time for sunset. If we're lucky enough to have a day without too much clouds, we can see the last rays of the sun over the mountain tops, piercing through some clouds and colouring them in bright orange and pink. It truly is a beautiful sight, but today I was a little too late out to catch this sight today. But when I tore my eyes away from the mountains and looked in the opposite direction I saw a beautiful play of light in the clouded sky. It's small sights like this that makes life worth living. Especially since not many even see such when they appear. Or they simply don't care... I have never quite understood how some people just don't care about beauty in nature. Or how they can simply avoid to see it.

On my little walk down to the harbor I also decided to walk through the cemetery since I have never really checked the church and the cemetery out properly until now. To my surprise it actually held more beautiful secrets then I thought it would. It is very small, but I guess I never looked on the right side to see all the iron cross tombstones with beautiful engravements and the angel sculptures spread around.

It's pretty stereotypical isn't it? A gothic lolita walking around on a cemetery and admiring the tomb stones. I actually find it pretty amusing, because I have always enjoyed cemeteries. They are so calm and peaceful, you can almost feel the calm of the spirits having found their rest there. Even if a cemetery might be a sad and avoidable place for some, I think it is a beautiful place. It's our friends' and relatives' final resting place after all. It's a place we can visit them and remember all the good times we had together.

Then, my final stop. The harbor. This is where I took the little panorama picture and also this little image of the dock. It was starting to get dark outside, and once again I liked how the light and shadow was
reflecting in the surface of the water.

As I stood by the water, getting the occational weird look from random people who passed by, I started thinking about how lonely I am in this fashion up here. In one way it's very lonely to not be able to share my love for the frills and gothic lifestyle with anyone face to face, but in another way it feels free. Since I'm alone about my interest in this area I am able to like the things I like without having to care what other people think. I know many of you probably will think "you can like what you like without caring about anyone else no matter what!". And well... Yes, that is true. But it is easier said then done.

I have realized over the past years that no one becomes who they are without influence from others what so ever. I was introduced to metal music and goth by some very dear friends of mine, and since they were the once who introduced it to me I have felt that I also needed to like what they liked, dress like they do and if I found something I liked and they didn't, I felt it was either bad or ugly and I needed to stop liking it.

But now that I have had some distance to others with the same interests I have realized that I don't like all the music they do. I obsess over other things as they also obsess over their personal things. By coming away from my best friends I have also learned more about being myself and I love it. I hope none of my friends will take this in a wrong way, because I love you all, and it was you who introduced me to what I now how grown to love aspects of and I do miss you all. But this freedom that comes when being alone is an amazing one, and even when I see you guys again I will hold on to this freedom because I know I'm happiest when I embrace the things I truly love. Thanks to this freedom I have found out who I really am and I hope that everyone who struggles with that question out there will be able to find themselves to.

Good night.
Feb 5, 2011

postheadericon 10/7 Challenge: START!

So I ran over this post on EGL... It was about a challenge. The challenge was to pick 10 different items and put together 7 vastly different coords only using those ten items. I thought this sounded awesome! So I'm going to give it a go as I don't have too much to play with yet and want to have a large variety of options with what I have. Here's the challenge post: 10 Items/7 Outfits Challenge!

And here are the copy-pasted rules:

  1. Choose 10 items from your wardrobe. Shoes are part of this list.
  2. These items should not include: accessories such as socks, jewellery, bags or headgear.
  3. Label each item from A - J.
  4. Put together 7 significantly different outfits from your 10 items.
  5. You may choose to wait until you want to go out in lolita, or just wear all 7 straight away in your room!
  6. Take pictures, and label the different components.
  7. Share it with us in the comments! Throw us links to your album/blog/posts and I'll put up a link list here.

I won't be starting with an outfit today since it's way too late (3am) to start with such now. But I will post the ten items I have chosen. So here goes!
Feb 1, 2011

postheadericon Innocent World package!

I am a very very happy girl today! Guess three times why? *pokes title* ... *pokes title again* ... I got my package from Innocent World today! I ordered it some weeks ago, but thanks to some e-mails back and forth about combining shipping and all (I did two orders with a day between them, and they were kind enough to offer combined shipping!) it took a little longer then usual to get it shipped of. But today I got my package note in the mail. So I headed down to the post office, paid up another 1800NOK (300USD) to get it out (yes I know our customs and handling fees are insane.) and brought my lovely package back home. I was going to take a lot of pictures for a detailed review, but I got way too excited. In other words, I dressed up the moment I opened the package, and this is the result:

Headdress: Innocent World
Necklace: London's Gate
Bolero: Innocent World
JSK: Innocent World
Petticoat: Innocent World
Socks: Innocent World
Shoes: An*tai*na

That's a lot of Innocent World in one outfit, isn't it? <3 Since I was home all day and only dressed up for fun, I didn't do any makeup. It's not any fun when I'm not going outside anyway. Anyway! I didn't get all this from the package today. The headdress and socks I already had. So what did I buy? A lot of lovely things.