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Feb 1, 2011

postheadericon Innocent World package!

I am a very very happy girl today! Guess three times why? *pokes title* ... *pokes title again* ... I got my package from Innocent World today! I ordered it some weeks ago, but thanks to some e-mails back and forth about combining shipping and all (I did two orders with a day between them, and they were kind enough to offer combined shipping!) it took a little longer then usual to get it shipped of. But today I got my package note in the mail. So I headed down to the post office, paid up another 1800NOK (300USD) to get it out (yes I know our customs and handling fees are insane.) and brought my lovely package back home. I was going to take a lot of pictures for a detailed review, but I got way too excited. In other words, I dressed up the moment I opened the package, and this is the result:

Headdress: Innocent World
Necklace: London's Gate
Bolero: Innocent World
JSK: Innocent World
Petticoat: Innocent World
Socks: Innocent World
Shoes: An*tai*na

That's a lot of Innocent World in one outfit, isn't it? <3 Since I was home all day and only dressed up for fun, I didn't do any makeup. It's not any fun when I'm not going outside anyway. Anyway! I didn't get all this from the package today. The headdress and socks I already had. So what did I buy? A lot of lovely things.

First off: The JSK. Royal Crown Embroidery long version in black and beige. I was really excited to get this in the mail. First of all because it is so incredibly beautiful! And second: Because it actually fits! If I had tried this dress on only some months ago, I am sure it wouldn't have fit for my life! But now it does. And I love it very much, and can't wait to wear it out! Hopefully I can tomorrow.

Detail of the emboidery along the hem because it is sooo incredibly beautiful!

The reason why I mentioned the petticoat in the outfit rundown: because it's new! Now I have 4 petticoats! Two white and two black. This is the long petticoat that Innocent World made to fit to their longer dresses. Since I bought the long version of the JSK I thought "Why not?", but I'm honestly not sure if it's worth the 10300 yen I paid for it. I'm afraid it will deflate fast as it's made out of tulle and only have two layers.

Next up is my ver first bolero ever! I have never really been a fan of boleros, but it's weird how the lolita fashion have turned my likes and dislikes around... Besides, it was on sale. No matter what. Frigg bolero in black. Very beautiful and definatly one of my favorite items from this package! ... Even though all five items are my favorites.

Ribbon Jabot Blouse in beige! This was also on sale. The fabric and lace and colour and everything on this is so very beautiful! But it's a little too tight on me even if I do get it on. But in some few weeks I'll have that fixed. Sit-ups and DDR, here I come!

The very last piece from my order! Rose Jacquard Flare Skirt in black. The texture in the fabric and the overall style of this skirt is breathtakingly beautiful. I just can't wait until I can wear it so I can take some pictures to do it justice. Because I bought this knowing it was a little too small. It's kind of a motivational piece for weightloss, since I already fit into my last motivational piece (a black chinese style dress that I bought 5 years ago and haven't fit into again until now). It's not much I have to do to be able to wear this, though. So once again; situps and DDR! Perhaps some walks too, since I can't do more with my "diet" then I already have.

Anyway! I hope you enjoyed seeing the newest additions to my wardrobe. Hopefully I'll soon be back.


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