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Feb 5, 2011

postheadericon 10/7 Challenge: START!

So I ran over this post on EGL... It was about a challenge. The challenge was to pick 10 different items and put together 7 vastly different coords only using those ten items. I thought this sounded awesome! So I'm going to give it a go as I don't have too much to play with yet and want to have a large variety of options with what I have. Here's the challenge post: 10 Items/7 Outfits Challenge!

And here are the copy-pasted rules:

  1. Choose 10 items from your wardrobe. Shoes are part of this list.
  2. These items should not include: accessories such as socks, jewellery, bags or headgear.
  3. Label each item from A - J.
  4. Put together 7 significantly different outfits from your 10 items.
  5. You may choose to wait until you want to go out in lolita, or just wear all 7 straight away in your room!
  6. Take pictures, and label the different components.
  7. Share it with us in the comments! Throw us links to your album/blog/posts and I'll put up a link list here.

I won't be starting with an outfit today since it's way too late (3am) to start with such now. But I will post the ten items I have chosen. So here goes!
My boyfriend asked me earlier if I'm allergic to colours... Yes. Yes, I guess I am! =D Anyway; on to the items!

A: My Surface Spell blouse. This was my first real lolita blouse and I got it last Autumn and I love it.
B: Innocent World blouse that I got in the mail recently.
C: Innocent World Royal Crown Embroidery JSK that I got together with the blouse.
D: Handmade skirt with awesome skull sprint!
E: Metamorphose JSK that I got in the mail today! Purchased from a fellow Norwegian lolita and it is wonderful!! It fits like a dream and the fabric is sooo cosy.
F: Tea party replicas from An*Tai*na. I got these in the autumn, realizing after I got them I won't really be able to wear them until spring again.
G: Chilli boots. These are my favorite boots. Beautiful and works with almost anything.
H: My only Demonia shoes. I drooled over these for two years on the internet. Then mom and I went to London and Camden Town, and there they were in a random shoestore. Only one pair left and it was in my size! It's fate I tell you! ... Though now they are worn out to the point they are... Kinda impossible to wear, but it's too hard for me to throw them away.
I: Frigg bolero from Innocent World! Came with the JSK and blouse.
J: An offbrand, black turtleneck.

Let's see if I manage to throw something interesting together! Wish me luck!


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