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Feb 14, 2011

postheadericon Daily Outfit 14/02/2011

Would you look at that? Seems like the 14th have become the standard day of the month to upload outfit pictures! Now, I do wear lolita more often then that, but there's no way I'm bothering to take a picture every time I wear it. Since I got my new items, I've been wearing it about every time I have left the house and that makes me so happy! Anyway. Onto the outfit!
Blouse: Surface Spell
Corset: FanPlusFriend
Skirt: Handmade by me
Tights: Offbrand
Boots: Chilli
Necklace: Alchemy Empire

Can you guys tell I love those boots? I feel I don't really wear anything else but them with my lolita! Anyway, this is an outfit I threw together on a whim before I had to go to school today and actually I'm quite pleased with it! Nice and simple for a day in school, and I got a lot of compliments on my skirt and that made me very happy! I do need a new waist cincer, though...I love the one I have, but I have it completely tied in, and still it's actually too big on me. The top half of it sits losely around my underbust and that makes the rest of it slip up and out of place! But next time I will get a proper corset. No matter how pretty the F+F one looks, it's definatly not the best of quality. You get what you pay for I guess.

Anyway, it's Valentines today! ... Usually I draw anti Valentines pictures for this day, but since this is my first Valentines actually having a boyfriend, I thought I perhaps should let it go this year even if he lives far away... Oh well!

Hope you all have a nice day!


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