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Feb 14, 2011

postheadericon 10/7 Challenge: 1 and 2

So this took a while, but here is the first and second outfit of my 10 items/7 outfits challenge! So without further ado... Here we go!

Outfit #1: Items E, G and J!
Here I was trying out a pretty casual and comfortable outfit that could work well for days with school and just a quick trip out to town. I was pretty lucky with this JSK as it came with removable bows and bib which make it very easy to dress both up and down! The hat is an old hat of mine from H&M that I refuse to leave the house without when I'm not in lolita. Necklace and bracelet are both bought from Etsy stores and the tights are off brand.

Outfit #2: Items B, E and H!
A much more dolled up look, literally, and yes, that is my dance pad I'm standing on. It was the only free space in my room at the moment. This is actually a coord I have wanted to try since I first saw that bonnet in the Etsy shop, Ophanim Gothique. I posted a similiar dream coord a while ago too with a different blouse, dress and shoes. I am very happy to see that my coord will work when I try it out for real! I just need some more red roses to place here and there and some different shoes and I'm ready to go! I also used a poofier petticoat here to acchieve more of a doll look. And makeup!! OMG! First time since I started this blog! ... Anyway. Bonnet (which I definatly LOVE) is from Ophanim Gothique, tights are from Sock Dreams.

So that was my first two outfits in this challenge! Stay tuned for the rest! I'll keep posting them now and then.


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