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Feb 23, 2011

postheadericon Crafty corner

This has been a pretty boring day... Though since I didn't have anything to do in particular (except the daily exercise that's over and done with), I decided to be a bit crafty! I'm not really very crafty at all. I like to sew and draw, but when it comes to accessories and the like, I have no experience at all... But I had a lot of different small knick-knacks here and there so I decided to whip something up with what I had.

So I fancied up som plain black hairclips I had. Yes, this is nothing more then to attach small cabochons to clips with a hot glue gun, but at least it was fun! And it doesn't take more to make them a little more fancy. But I also decided to make something a little more "challenging".

It's a headdress made out of a rose and rooster feathers! I actually like this a lot. I still haven't found a proper way I can wear it, but that's something I can think of later. The music charms are from a necklace I bought from Etsy a while ago, but it was literally falling apart when I got it, so I decided to put the pretty charms to some use instead.

Anyway... Other then this I got a new blouse today. A black, shortsleeved Metamorphose blouse in chiffon with full shirring and a lot of lace that I bought off the EGL comm sales.It's simply beautiful and I can't wait for a little warmer weather so I can use it!


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