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Mar 9, 2011

postheadericon 10/7 Challenge: 3, 4 and 5

Oh my oh my oh my... Long time no see! But now I'm here again! This time bringing you outfit 3 to 5 of the 10 items/7 outfits challenge. So without further ado I think I'll go straight to the outfits.

Outfit #3: Items B, C and G!

Yeay! Fail Innocent World pose! ... Hehe. Anyway. This is just a simple classic coord. I don't really have much more to say about it. The clock pendant is from Glitter (cheap accessory shop) and so is the little black bow.

... And damn, I haven't realized my hair has turned this white. Yeay! Not so yeay for the aftergrowth, but it'll be gone tomorrow or something. Heh.

Outfit #4: Items C, F and I!

I appologize for the blurry picture, but at the moment my camera decided to act up and I got sick of taking pictures with none of them getting good. I don't really know what I thought here, but the choker got too much on its own so I put on the belt. Then I took everything off and it was too plain, so I decided to keep with the picture with the belt. Don't know where the belt is from (it's OLD), the choker I bought handmade from a steampunk stand on a convention last summer. The headdress is Innocent World, clock pendant is the same as in the last outfit and OTK are offbrand.

Outfit #5: Items D, H and J!

The last one is a bit casual experimental or something... Hehe. I've never really been a fan of tucking in blouses or sweaters in skirts unless I have something to have over. Like a corset or, in this case, a belt. The belt alone became a little overpowering so I added some gold-ish necklaces too just to balance it a little. Anyway. Clock pendant from glitter, card necklace from Fanplusfriend and the Gaara-ai-necklace (I'm a allowed to be a little nerdy in my lolita ^^) is from a random anime shop in Barcelona (the one right by Madame Chocolate).

So that was it for today! What do you think? The two last outfits will find their way here sooner or later.

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