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Mar 30, 2011

postheadericon Man tager hva man haver

Or; "You use what you have". It just have a better ring in sort-of-norwegian.

That was my idea for my exam assignment (since I really didn't have enough money (or time for that matter) to buy more fabric. But here is the result! And since it was a "do whatever the hell you want as long as you can wear it"-task, of course I decided to do something lolita related. Even more specified; A lolita skirt. I don't get why I keep making skirts all the time. I don't really like wearing them and never find a good way of wearing them either. But anyway, a skirt it became!

For this skirt I simply used leftovers of fabric I had lying around and cut apart an old F+F dress I had (this one in grey: Clicky!) and a former failed skirt I liked the fabric of. With this I made a patchwork skirt (inspired by another norwegian blogger with my own twist) and here's the result!
I didn't notice I've been wearing different socks all day until now...

It was kinda interesting to make, but I really need to learn how to gather properly so I don't have to bother more with using bloody needles to make ruffles instead... My poor fingers. All in all I really like this skirt, but next time I need to remind myself that I don't have a 100cm waistline anymore, so I really do not need 3 meters of fabriclength to make a full enough rectangle skirt... *coughs* Lesson learned for next time. This skirt is also my first fully lined skirt and with all the squares, the ruffles and the lining this makes for one hell-o'-a heavy skirt. Not that I mind, though. Since this means I can use my super poofy petticoat under it without loosing control over the poof! Have some flat-pics:

Flat and flashy.
 The lining! It's a bit loose.. That something I'll have to remember until next time too.

Anyway! What do you guys think? I still need to iron it a bit and get rid of some loose threads, but other then that I'm finished. If anyone have some constructive critique I would love to hear it!


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