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Apr 4, 2011

postheadericon Sketching time!

So one of my favorite past times is simply to sketch out dream outfits or simply design outfits for fun. And since I drew two more today, I decided I wanna share some of them! Please ignore the bad quality of the pictures... This is what happens when a person forget her scanner at the other side of the country. *sighs*

 Shiro Goth
One style that has been fascinating me for very long is the white gothic look. Drop all the black and replace it with white instead! Sure, it's hard to pull off, but that makes me even more eager to try it! This outfit I drew out from my lolita wishlist of all excisting items I could find around the net. I so wish I actually had the money to put this all together!

Alice gone Punk
This outfit is designed around my patchwork skirt and it's inspired by a comment I got on it in the sew_loli community on liverjournal where a user said the cardsuits and clock patches reminded her of an Alice gone punk. So of COURSE I had to try to make something out of it! With a white short sleeved blouse, a punked up black apron and a good pair of Dr. Martens makes this truly a dream outfit of mine!

Classy Ero
Ero lolita is also a "substyle" I've been fairly interested in. It's not very often it's seen done well, so I wanted to sketch out an outfit that would work as ero lolita and be more classy then any kind of slutty. I hope I succeeded!

So what do you guys think? Any constructive critisism would be nice!


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