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Apr 28, 2011

postheadericon I'm back!

Oh, wow... Would you look at that. It seems I suddenly headed off on an unannounced hiatus! It's weird how that seems to happen every time I go back home for holidays. But that's simply because a lot happens when I'm home. This time I met up with a lot of my friends and I spent a lot of well earned time with my boyfriend. <3 Yes, he deserves a mention and heart since he holds out with me even if we didn't see each other for three and half months.

Anyway! While I was back home stuffing my face with candy and food (come on, it was easter. I was allowed!), I got an awesome note on Livejournal! In May there will be a lolita meetup in Oslo, Norway! If I am lucky and they choose the 14th of May as a date (it's either that or the 21st), I will finally be able to attend my very first lolita meetup! I am very excited about this and I have already started to figure out what to wear. Of course I want to look my best on such an occation.

Other then this I don't really have much more to say. I have a lot of blogs to read and some comments to reply to, so I will get to that tonight and I will try to make next post more interesting! I hope everyone else have had a great easter holiday.


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