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Mar 10, 2011

postheadericon Fun at school!

Yes, today was a good day and this is actually a sewing post. I'm afraid to say I am STILL not done with the skull fabric dress yet, but I'm going to kick myself in gear and finish it over the weekend (hopefully). But today we had sowing in school, so a classmate picked me up so I could bring my sowing machine. Our assignement for the day was to make...


Which was perfect since I have thought of getting a tote bag for long! It was easy and fun, and it made me want to make more of them. This is the result;
Ah, yes. It's a piano tote bag! And it's large so I can fit about anything in it. I know this isn't strictly lolita related, but this bag would do awesome with any future music inspired coords (with Dance of the Black Cat in burgundy for example? <3 I can dream...). Also, it's very sturdy and will probably last for a good while. The red fabric is upholstery fabric. Thick and textured. The white of the piano keys is cotton that's sewn on and the black keys are stamped on with fabric paint. Added to this the whole bag is also lined with cotton.
This is my first tote bag, but it was very easy and I will definatly make more, because this was fun! We also got our exam assignement today, and I'm lucky! The assignement is simply to make one thing we can wear (can be anything as long as it's textile and can be worn on the body) and to make one thing we can carry something in/on. Yeay for assignements with room for personal taste! =D

What about the rest of you? Do you like to sew? And what do you like to make the most? I love to make skirts, but I honestly think tote bags are my new favorite!


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