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Jan 19, 2011

postheadericon New layout!

Hello, everyone! Wow, this place suddenly changed a lot, didn't it? Not that I mind... As I wasn't particularly fond of the old layout anyway. I sat down today to simply make a me a fitting header for this blog, but as the maincolours for the header ended up in black and red and it wouldn't work with the current layout... I decided to revamp the whole thing! And I LOVE the result. This is so much nicer then what the blog looked like before.

As for the banner. The skulls and the rose is actually a very small part of a print I'm currently working on. I named it "Eternal Life" and aside from the skulls and rose it will also feature ankhs (the egyptian hyeroglyphe for eternal life) and realistic human hearts. The whole print will have a little sketchy line (like the skulls and the rose), and as for colours I am not quite sure if I should only use splashes of red on the hearts and roses or if I should do a full colour print. I'll see where it leads me.

No matter what I have also changed the buttons on the menu bar. Some of you might wonder what the hell Autumn Children is, but I'll break it to you and say that it's the name of my imaginary brand. I don't really remember why it ended up as Autumn Children, but it had something to do with that I am born in the autumn and it is my favorite season. Other then that I have also added a list of the lolita blogs I'm following. They're all awesome so take a look at the list to the left and click some of them if you haven't already! I have also installed a new comment system from disqus.com as I mentioned in my last post.

So all that is needed now are some interesting posts to complete my little corner of the web! Hehe... Anyway!

As a last sidenote the money I was transferring to my paypal came in much sooner then I thought, so I have now bought the Checkered Cherubim bonnet from Ophanim Gothique. I can't wait to receive it!!


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