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Jan 18, 2011

postheadericon Checkered Rose

For a good while now I have been drooling over a certain bonnet from Ophanim Gothique on Etsy. Now, I'm about as far from a bonnet person as one can get, and I really never cared about bonnets (honestly I have always thought they were way too much in an outfit and there are very few who actually look good in bonnets). But when I saw the selection from Ophanim I felt a small soft spot in my heart. Carolyn's bonnets look so beautiful and well made, and when I saw the one I will picture below, I fell hard.

It screams to me! It says "BUY MEEE!! I'm awesome!!" and I can no longer ignore these cries, as I drop by to stare at it almost every time I get on the net. So I have now decided to get it... If it's gone when I get the money to my paypal in a few days, I will ask her how much a commission would cost me. But while waiting I decided to put together a little dream coord with this bonnet as a starting point. So here goes!

I do actually find this coord a little funny since all of the main items are on my wishlist of lolita purchases! Both the blouse and JSK is from Innocent World and their both beautiful. The tights are from Sock Dreams and those I actually bought today, so hopefully they'll be with me soon! As for the shoes... An*tai*na. When I first saw these I thought they were so darn ugly... And I have never liked rocking horse shoes either. But after a while these have really grown on me and now they are about in the same situation as the bonnet. So those will also be ordered as soon as the money reach my paypal!

As for the roses... Since the bonnet features red roses, I think that accesories featuring red roses would be absolutely stunning. But I couldn't really find anything on Etsy to my liking. So sometime soon I will pick together some supplies, thread, needle and hot glue gun and make me some accesories myself! Like a corsage pin and a wrist corsage with red roses and a necklace! I hope I will be able to get the JSK and blouse too, as it all looks wonderful in my head!

So what do you guys think? Do you have any dream coords or items you really love?

By the way, I have installed a new comment system here, so now I can reply to the comments I get! =D I have really missed that!


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