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May 3, 2011

postheadericon Day 1!

Okay, so I didn't have time to start the day I said I would, but then I'll start today instead!

10 things about your lolita bubble.
  1. My lolita style is a dark style. It varies between gothic and dark classic and I absolutely love black and white coordinations. I just wish I could do more of them!
  2. When it comes to lolita I don't only love the fashion, but I love the aestethics and hobbies that follows with too. When I one day get a room of my own (completely for my own, not only a dorm), I will decorate this room in an elegant gothic style witch I love. I will have a shelf with framed pictures of my lolita idols and candles placed around the room.
  3. In my little bubble, all lolitas get along despite styles and experience. I am very happy that the lolitas I have chatted with so far have all been wonderful and friendly and I can't wait to include more of them in my little bubble!
  4. DIY is a very important part of my lolita bubble. Both when it comes to making clothes myself and modify them and to make my own decorations. I love that lolita is helping me so much with doing more myself instead of always buying things!
  5. My lolita bubble really needs a mascot... Hm. *thinks*
  6. Desiging clothes is one of my favorite past times, and I love to dream about and draw dress designs that I one day hope to be able to wear. At the moment I have the sketch of a full set (JSK, underskirt, shirt and hat) hung up on my wall and the day I am 99% positive I can do it right, I will make one set for me and 1 set for my best friend.
  7. To give and make things for others is something I really love. To see that my friends are happy is very important to me, and I also hope to someday be able to participate in a craft exchange for lolitas.
  8. My lolita bubble is important to me, because it's one of those things I can burry myself in. I can spend hours reading through tutorials and blogs, studying dresses and the history of brands and the fashion itself.
  9. Hopefully I will be able to expand my bubble sometime and be able to help other lolitas who are interested in this fashion to better understand it and become involved. Lolita is one of the few things I really wish to be able to teach others about. Even though I probably never will have the opportunity, I am making a presentation for beginners if the opportunity to have a panel ever should show up.
  10. Even though my bubble is quite small, I would still love to get to know other lolitas better. If anyone wish to get to know me better, just ask for my mail or MSN and I will be thrilled! One can never get enough friends!
That was ten random things about my little bubble! I hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for next day in this challenge.


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