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May 9, 2011

postheadericon Day 7!

10 people who inspire your lolita style.

Oh my... This is honestly a hard one. I take my inspiration from everything. Not only people! But there are a few lolitas/models that I really admire and love the style of. I don't have enough to fill out all 10 spots, but I will list those I admire.
  1. Akira
    Yesh! Model for Baby the Stars Shine Bright/Alice and the Pirates (yes the header picture was chosen of her on purpose). This is also the only model I actually look up to. I'm not much of an "idol" person, but this woman... I think I might have a girlcrush on her. I always love her outfits in the GLB's and if I ever manage to pull the kodona/aristocrat look of just HALF as well as her, I will be one of the happiest people on this planet.
  2. Clefdemoname/Miinouche36
    Daily Lolita

    She has to be the most awesome gothic lolita ever. A beautiful woman with an absolutely beautiful gothic style! That and I love her video blog.
  3. Shelbycloud
    Daily Lolita

    She must be about the only sweet lolita I really admire. She's got a beautiful style and she's great at coordinating her outfits from everything to OTT sweet to very elegant classic.
  4. Theosakakoneko
    Daily Lolita

    Just because her style is awesome. Whenever she ever posts her massive blogposts on daily_lolita I almost squeal in glee! She's so creative with her coordinations and I just LOVE her new haircut!
These are the four lolitas I truly look up to! Of course there are a lot of awesome lolitas around and I love to look around and grab inspiration from all of them. Keep going girls (and guys)! You're all awesome!! <3


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