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May 4, 2011

postheadericon Day 2!

10 things you love in lolita.
  1. Lace
    Really! What is there NOT to love about lace? I didn't particularly care about it at all when I first got into the fashion, but after I aquired some items full of frilly, lacy goodness, I have become addicted. It's beautiful, add a perfect decorative touch to any piece and it's soooo soft to touch and wear.
  2. Highwaisted skirts
    There are few clothing items that give a nice shape then a high waisted skirt. I might have mentioned before that I'm not a particularly big fan of the skirt+shirt combo for myself, but for highwaisted skirts I take it back.
  3. Induviduality
    Lolita is a fashion with a lot of rules of what's right and what's wrong and what not. Yet even within these lines, people manage to create an amazing individuality by making the fashion their own by making their own clothes and accesories, or simply mix and match brand and offbrand to create awesome styles and coords!
  4. Shoes
    I have to admit that over the last years I have become a shoe addict and lolita definatly haven't helped with this! I've got so many pairs of shoes on my wishlist it's not even healthy.
  5. Petticoats
    Oh the fluffy goodness... I haven't been seriously into lolita for that long, but I already have 4 petticoats and I love them so much. I love to wear them too! I really enjoy the layer upon layer of fabric that makes my skirts and dresses poof and wave back and forth as I walk.
  6. Roses
    Sure I love roses on a general basis too, but give me almost anything rose related, may it be rose lace, rose print, rose accesories etc, etc, I am almost sure to love it to death.
  7. Bags
    There really aren't many other fashions where you can get bags shaped as cardsuits, houses, books and coffins. This alone is one of the reasons I love lolita bags so much. Not only do they work to carry things around in, but they work as an accesorie alone and can really help to complete an outfit!
  8. Chiffon
    A beautiful fabric for a beautiful fashion. What else can I say? It feels like heaven to wear!
  9. Headpieces
    This is really something I need to get more of. I love almost all kinds of headpieces ranging from simple headbands and barrettes to elaborate flower corsages to hats. They come in all different shapes and sizes and without at least SOMETHING on the head, an outfit seems a little unfinished.
  10. JSKs
    My favorite kind of garment in lolita because they are so versatile and can be worn in so many different ways. They are also perfect for me who is a giant fan of layers in outfits.
That was my list of lolita awesomeness! And as promised, a shot of what I will wear at the meetup.
Added to this I will also wear lace tights, have my spade shaped bag and hopefull more rings and a little this and that I found around and dark make-up. But now I reeeeaally need to go to bed sooo...


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