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May 7, 2011

postheadericon Day 5!

10 items from your wishlist.

Now THIS will be a picture heavy post (click them if you wanna see larger by the way), so you guys just brace yourself! I won't include my dream items in this post since I already have an own page in this blog for my dream items. Also, this is not my whole wishlist. I'm having a bloody hard time figuring what ten items I'm gonna put here. Want too much!! Anyway. Here we go!

1: Kidsyoyo VM Style Fairy Doll JSK 

This is dress is currently one of my most wanted items on my wishlist. I have wanted a white, casual looking JSK for ages now, and when my friend sendt me the link to this I was overjoyed! For me it's perfect! It's just casual enough to be worn everyday, and still pretty enough to be dressed up! The fabric looks so light and comfy too, and I imagine this as the perfect summer dress. I also love how you can bustle it both in the front and the back!

By the way, this is also the dress I wish to use for the Shiro Goth coordination I mentioned some few posts ago.

2: An*Tai*Na Classic Lolita Shoes

I want two pairs of these shoes. One pair in white and one pair in black so I can mix and match them! I don't really know why I fell for these to begin with, but I just simply did. I love the classic yet sweet and a little whimsical feel they have to them and I can imagine they would be awesome in a black and white circus inspired outfit.

I actually saw these up for sale in the egl_comm_sales just some weeks ago. Two pairs, one in white and one in black, in the right size even, for a cheap prize. But I was so bummed out to know I was completely broke at that moment.

3: The 69th Department Black and White Striped Blouse

Yes, I love black and white and TaoBao. Hehe...

Since I fell in love with both gothic styles and lolita I have also fallen in love with black and white striped garments. This blouse just screams to me and I can imagine wearing it with a black jsk or highwaisted skirt and in many different kodona outfits! Oh and also as part of the black/white circus outfit I mentioned up there. *points to shoes*

4: Alice and the Pirates Circus Print JSK

One of the few brand pieces on my wishlist and also one of the few pieces which isn't solely black and white. Hehe. When I saw this print I immideatly fell in love with it. I absolutely LOVE everything circus themed and this print manages to incorporate it without making it too much! The colours are muted and pretty and the cut of the JSK itself, with how the bodice looks more like a vest then a part of the JSK and with the small pull of fabric to show the ruffles underneath, is just beautiful.

Honestly this one is close to making it to the dream item list...

5: Fanplusfriend Pirate Lolita/Gothic Prince/Ouji High Collar Coat

What can I say? Awesome coat! I just hope that when I finally get around to order it, they won't mess up on meassurements and deliver a good product. I've only had one mishap with Fanplusfriend before, and it wasn't even a major one, so I hope it'll keep up like this. Simply because this coat is gooorgeous and I've wanted it for over two years now.

6: Suppurate System Rose Crown

I will admit it and I won't be ashamed of it either. Almost all of my accesories have black roses in them. It's because I automatically fall head over heals for accesories with black roses on them. This crown is no exception. I can imagine wearing this mini crown in a rose themed gothic hime coordinate together with my black Beauty and the Rose Promise JSK and tons of other black rose accesories. Really. If I can't get this crown into my life, I will at some point DIY it just to have it.

7: Double Decker White Wood Sole RHS

I'm not really a fan of rocking horse shoes at all. I don't even know why I want these. But I think it's simply because of my obsession with shoes and the fact that they would look awesome in the right coords. I've decided for myself that if I'm ever going to get a pair of RHS it will at least be with wood sole and these from Double Decker are the only ones I've found that have the right shape and sole for my tastes. *nod* Yupp. I do want these.

8: Surface Spell Night Wish Chiffon Blouse

Reasons I want this: Chiffon and lots of lace! 
This blouse I fell head first for when I first saw it. And when I get money (of course it's a "when" no fun with "if"s ;p) I will be on the safe side and get one black and one white in the same go. There are so many gothic coordinations this blouse would look just stunning in and I hope to one day be able to have and wear it.

9: Innocent World Tulle Lace 3/4 Sleeve Blouse

This is also a blouse I would just love to have one in black and one in white. This is how I usually work. If I find one spesific garment I absolutely love, I get them in all the colours I like. Especially when it comes to basic things such as blouses.

The sleeves on this blouse is the reason I fell for it in the first place. Usually, the short sleeved blouses in lolita feel too short on me as I'm not a fan of revealing my upper arms. But then again, long sleeved blouses gets too warm in the summer and I'm generally not a fan of long sleeves either. Therefor the sleevelength on this is perfect and I love the little lace details.

10: Demonia Slush - 249

Now, this isn't very lolita, is it? But I've fallen completely for these boots, and even though they are made for other alternative fashions then lolita, I am absolutely positive that if the right coord was found, these shoes would rock even more then they already do.

Another reason they're on my wishlist; They could go with almost any of my out-of-lolita styles and that's always a plus. I love versatility!

That was that! It was hard, but I managed to pick out 10 items from my waaay too long wishlist. But this gives the general idea of what's in it. Yes. You guessed right. Black and white. There aren't many dresses there though. Most of the dresses I want only exists in my head. Perhaps I'll sketch some of them out and post them next week or something.

I hope you enjoyed! Now it's barbeque time and I'll be back tomorrow.


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