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May 7, 2011

postheadericon New haircut and Day 4!

Let's start with my new haircut and end with day 4 since nothing in this post is really... Directly... Lolita related... Oh well. It's good to have a little break once in a while isn't it? So anyway!

About 2 weeks ago I headed off to the hairdresser in my hometown to get a haircut. It was pretty early in the morning and I said to my hairdresser that I wanted something new, short and more rock/punked up then what I had. She told me she would get rid of all the frayed ends and then we could go from there and see how it turned out. She cut the tips of my hair, gave me a little bit of forebangs and then she said herself finished and hushed me off to pay. It was barely noticable I had cut my hair at all!

So. Today I headed to the hairdresser in the town I study in instead. This time I brought some reference images of the kind of style I wanted just to be on the safe side. The hairdresser was super friendly, easy to talk with and she had a blast cutting my hair and everyone walked out happy! Needless to say I'm über happy with the results. Let me show you!

I'm just so happy I finally got something done with that mess of a hairdo I had before! With this cut I got rid of everything called ruined hair, only the healthy is left. The hair in my neck is gone, which feels great since it's starting to get a little hot around here and I hate to feel warm in the neck thanks to too much hair. Also this is so much easier to style and make look good. I can't wait to see how it looks with a lolita outfit and accesories.

And with that said, let's head over to part 2 of this post.

10 different kinds of food you like.

I'm just going to make this as simple as possible as it's not really lolita related at all. I'm just a food wreck who loooves good food!
  1. Lasagna!
  2. Strawberries (I'm a strawberry addict)
  3. Pasta in home made cream and mozerella sauce with fried bacon
  4. Steak with potato gratin
  5. Wok/stirfry
  6. Garlic bread
  7. Homemade pizza
  8. Taco and tortillas
  9. Any kind of lamb
  10. Pitabread with chicken salad
And that was that. Tomorrow you will see ten items from my wishlist so that's something to look forward to! Oh, and what do you guys think of my new haircut? If anyone have any ideas for styling or what not, throw it at me! I'd be delighted to hear them.


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