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May 5, 2011

postheadericon Day 3!

10 things you hate in lolita.
  1. Care of clothes
    Now this seriously is one of the most annoying things in lolita. I usually just stuff all my clothes in the washing machine and let them be before you hang them up to dry, but with lolita pieces there's a whooole other story. Handwash, dryclean, mild wash, can't hang some things up to dry, can't wash at all, bleeding prints... Hell, where does it end?! Why can't they just make washproof clothing? Is it really that hard?
  2. The cost
    Yes, yes... I know. "Lolita is an expencive fashion, deal with it or GTFO." Sure. I'm dealing with it. It still doesn't mean I have to be happy about paying thousands of NOK for a dress and another thousand for getting it into the country. Even fabric cost money and not to talk about good quality lace when you need it in quantities.
  3. Bad lace
    Yes, talking about lace, I might as well take this point at once. There are few things I love more in lolita then soft pretty lace. BAD lace however... *shudders* I can't stand it when I see a perfectly good garment (whether it be lolita or goth or visual kei or whatever) covered in bad itchy, skratchy lace. They would have been perfect if the lace was of a better quality!
  4. Distance
    That I live so far away from any of my lolita interested friends or stores or any community at all. It gets lonely after a while to not have anyone to discuss lolita related things with face to face.
  5. Not an everyday fashion
    I know it's hard to do so, but let's face it. Lolita is not an everyday fashion. There are occations it's not at all appropriate to run around with petticoats, tons of accesories and long wigs and what not. Sure I'd love to wear these clothes every day, but it's really not possible! Which brings us to point number 6...
  6. Unpracticality
    This fashion is unpractical. I LOVE to wear it, but bus rides, going to stores, practical school work, work at all. No. Once again, it's very unpractical and just not fit for an everyday basis and a modern world. Even casual with a less poofier petticoat is still unpractical at times.
  7. No petticoats
    Now this is just a pet peeve of mine, but I feel it should be mentioned since some say it's just to not wear a petticoat if it gets in the way and it's still lolita. Hm... Well. Sure it may still be lolita, but it just looks weird. The skirts are made for petticoats, so therefor they look weird without them. ... But that's just me and my logic.
  8. Sizing
    Any "plus-size" lolita struggle with this and even some normal sized lolitas. Most of us want at least one dress from a brand, but it's easier said then done when one need to be tiny to fit into most of them. Especially when it comes to the classical and gothic brands.
  9. Fanatics
    Wow, I'm really starting to run out of things to hate... But yeah. Fanatics. This goes for everything really. The kind of fanatics who have their mind set on ONE thing and thinks everyone else is wrong and that their whole life revolves around one thing (lolita in this case). There are other things in life that are way more important then clothes, girls. Learn to appreciate them.
  10. Style fights
    I know this doesn't occur often, but I don't like it those times I see a hate message towards either gothic or sweet or any other style in the secrets or anywhere else. Actually it's pretty annoying with the hate between lolita and gyaru too... Or the goths or emos... Or anything else for that matter. We dress how we like and after who we are at the moment so the best is just to accept it and let people like what they like.
Hm. I feel this became a little of a rage post... But it was about hate so why not? Though I will add as a last note that I don't really hate any of these things. I dislike them a lot, yes, but hate... I don't like that word. It's too strong.



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